PTA Details

President: Miss Jones (Headmistress)

Chairperson:  Mrs R Beet

Secretary:  Mrs S Geoghegan / Mrs L Jones

Treasurer:  Mrs T Cairns



All parents become de facto members of Redcourt PTA on enrolment of their child/ children to the school.

The parents and staff work together to create a vibrant community that welcomes new families to it.  The PTA through its activities promotes the school and raises funds for the benefit of the pupils whilst having a bit of fun!

Thanks to the PTA many school projects undertaken by the school have been able to be realised much earlier as a direct result of their fundraising support.  Such projects have included:

  • Gym wall bars and climbing apparatus in the school hall
  • School stage, sound system and soon to be installed lighting system also to be found in the hall
  • Redcourt is now on its 3rd minibus
  • Some mini- iPad devices
  • Laptops for teaching staff
  • Little yard safe surface playground and play equipment
  • Furnishings for the lower ground floor After Care area

 And much, much more…..

Our activities are often family centred events which enable busy parents to get to know one another in a more relaxed atmosphere.  Great friendships have been formed over the years so it’s not just the pupils who benefit!

So why not come along and join us?

You really are most welcome.