Moral Purpose

Redcourt St Anselm’s Preparatory school is a small, well established independent school in Oxton, Wirral catering for pupils from 3 to 11 years.

At Redourt, we provide a caring environment in which pupils feel secure and nurtured which ensures that they ready to learn. As an inclusive school, we believe passionately that every pupil should have the opportunity to be successful and achieve well. Pupils are given challenging, personalised learning goals and are well supported in order to achieve them. We are pleased to offer a broad and balanced curriculum to engage and motivate learners and extra curricular activities to enrich and enhance it.

The school has a warm, friendly atmosphere but there is a purposeful ethos which is key to successful learning.

Our Early Years Foundation Stage provision ensures that all pupils have the best possible start in school in a nurturing but stimulating environment.

As a Catholic school our whole ethos is rooted in our faith and our motto of “Growing Together in God’s Love”. More specifically we are rooted in the educational essentials of Blessed Edmund Rice and Redcourt St Anselm’s is part of an international family of schools which brings a global dimension to our school community. The teaching of the Gospels and Christian principles mean our children have a clear understanding of what makes a good, caring citizen in an ever changing world. At Redcourt St Anselm's we are committed to high standards of behaviour and manners which further reflects the school motto.

We are very proud of our school and welcome visitors and prospective parents to come and meet us.