Edmund Rice School Community

Edmund Rice School Community is a dynamic network of schools, youth ministries and outreach activities inspired by the founding vision of Blessed Edmund Rice. Edmund Rice wanted all children to enjoy the right to read and write, and so he established schools where children could learn for free. This calling led to him founding the Irish Christian Brothers in 1808 and today, his work continues through the family of Edmund Rice schools of which Redcourt St. Anselm’s belongs.

Our community of schools promote equality of access and participation, so that children of any faith, or none, at every level of ability, of any nationality or ethnic grouping are welcome. In addition to the provision of high standards of excellence in teaching and learning, the schools uphold a strong sporting tradition and ethos of social justice. Inspired by the eight essentials of the Edmund Rice Education, the schools are responding to a changing world and supporting the leaders of the future to work in partnership, care for the environment, look after themselves and others equally and be inspirational citizens.

The eight essential elements of the Edmund Rice education are:

  • Evangelising the modern world
  • Promoting the Spiritual
  • Building a Christian community
  • Compassion for those in need
  • Concern for the whole person
  • Shriving for excellence
  • Education as a Christian calling
  • Education for justice