Edmund Rice Education

Eight essentials of Edmund Rice Education


There are 12 Edmund Rice schools in England, over 100 in Ireland and schools across the globe in all five continemtns today, educating over 170,000 pupils.  The schools enroll children of any faith, or none, at every level of ability, of any nationality or ethnic grouping.

Every school that is a part of the Edmund Rice family in England follows the same rules and guidelines. These come under ‘The Essentials of an Edmund Rice Education’.

Each school operates according to eight essentials of an Edmund Rice education, the first of which is ‘Evangelising the modern world.’ Meaning that we as a community of schools want everyone who comes to our school to feel welcome and happy. 

The second essential is ‘Promoting the spiritual.’ as we believe that we can speak to God whenever we like because he is always with us.

The third is ‘Building a Christian Community.’ We are all fortunate to have a family at home, a family at school and we are all part of God’s big family too.

The fourth is ‘Compassion for those in need.’ All of our schools look after people who may need our help. They may be in our school, or even in a different country.

The fifth is ‘Concern for the whole person.’ We like to keep ourselves in good health so lots of different activities keep our dies and minds healthy.

The sixth is ‘Striving for excellence.’ Although we find some things easy and some things hard, we ALWAYS try our best.

The seventh is ‘Education as a Christian calling.’ The teachers in all of the ERST schools make us feel special by caring for us and listening to what we have to say.

Finally, the eighth is ‘Education for Justice.’ We as a school treat everybody fairly and care for the lovely world that God made for us.

These eight essentials are at the heart of our incusive school, providing pupils with a distinctive Edmund Rice education.