The number of Formal complaints in

                                                    2017 - 2018 = 1

[Taken from the Independent Schools Council website]

Complaint about an ISC School?

Depending on your concern, the usual route for a complaint would be:

  1. The Head Teacher: any issues concerning the general running of the school would need to be addressed to the Head in the first instance.
  2. The School Complaints Policy: all schools will have a policy governing their handling of parental complaints. This will be available on request from the school, if it has not already been given to you.
  3. The Governing Body: if you feel a complaint to a Head has not been answered satisfactorily, you could consider an appeal to the board of governors in writing.


If you have any queries regarding a complaint about an ISC school then do not hesitate to contact the ISCias (Independent Schools Council information & advice service) team directly on:

0845 SCHOOLS (7246657)

Weekday 9-5 national helpline.

Contact us here

The team aim to respond to all emails within 1 working day.

It should be noted that neither ISC nor its constituent associations have the legal remit to get involved in the handling of parental complaints themselves.

Complaints Procedure Policy