Admissions Policy

This policy has been written in consultation with staff and Governors of
Redcourt -St Anselm’s and with reference to our Mission Statement:

Redcourt School is an independent Catholic Day Preparatory School for children aged 3 - 11.
The School does not discriminate on the basis of race, disability, national or ethnic origin in its
admissions procedures.

Our aim is to provide each and every child with a sound academic education in an environment which
is explicitly Christian and where discipline and care go hand-in-hand.

Admission Eligibility
Children can enter the school after they attain their third birthday, passing through:
Kindergaretn and Foundation Stage 1 (attendance can be full time or part time) at 3+ on September 1st
Foundation Stage 2 at 4+ (attendance is full time), fees charged in full but we will accept the Early
Years Grant against the fees, where applicable.

Year 1 at 5+
Year 2 at 6+
Year 3 at 7+
Year 4 at 8+
Year 5 at 9+
Year 6 at 10+
Places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis unless, in the opinion of the Headteacher, there
are strong reasons to believe that the pupil’s best interests would not be best served by attending
Redcourt. Parents are advised to accept a place at the school as soon as possible.

Parents of Kindergarten and Foundation Stage 1 children are welcome to visit the school by appointment during the school day, or on Open Days as advertised.

Children who attend the FS1 are guaranteed a place in FS2 assuming nothing occurs during the FS1
stage to suggest to the School that the child should be educated elsewhere.

Entry at 5+ starts with a ‘day visit’ arranged via the Headteacher. New pupils are welcomed at any
time during the school year if there is a vacancy available.

The Headteacher’s decision in accepting or refusing a candidate into the School is final.
A small discount on sibling fees operates provided 3 or more are in full time attendance. The third
child, whilst two older siblings are in full time attendance, will be given a 50% discount. Early Year
grants are available through Local Authority scheme for 3 and 4 year olds.

It must be stressed that St Anselm’s College, established as a Catholic Grammar School for boys, is
an entirely separate school to Redcourt—St Anselm’s. Admission to Redcourt is no guarantee of a
place being offered at St Anselm’s College or any other secondary school.

Redcourt St Anselm’s is a non-selective entry inclusive school, therefore no guarantees are offered
that its pupils will attain an offer of a place at a selective Secondary School.

Application Procedure

Parents are advised to complete an application form for admission as soon as possible as
places are in demand and are over-subscribed. The application form must be fully completed
and be returned to the Headteacher.

It is of great importance that a parent informs the School on the application form should a
prospective pupil be disabled under the definition of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and
thereby is likely to require special assistance or reasonable adjustments under the Act.
Applicants will receive acknowledgement of their application as soon as is reasonably

Shortly thereafter the Headteacher will indicate:
(a) the child is required to attend an interview and/or assessment
(b) the child has been accepted or not
Parents will be requested to indicate their acceptance of a place within 7 days of receiving the
offer of a place. They will be required to complete and return an acceptance form together
with a non-refundable deposit cheque, the amount of which will be stipulated on the form ,
which will then be set off against the first term’s fees. The parents will be asked to confirm on
the acceptance form that they agree to the offer of a place on the basis of acceptance of the
School’s conditions and Rules and Regulations. In addition parents will be asked to complete
forms providing details about their child to enable the School to prepare for the child’s entry.

Fee Relief
The Governing Body of the school aims at all times to keep fees at a reasonable level.
Parents who find it difficult to make fee payments should always raise the issue with the
Headteacher and/or Governing Body.