Donation to Puerto Quito Project

24th November 2016

£770 donation from Redcourt Good Shepherd Appeal
awarded to Puerto Quito Project – Ecuador


Every Christmas Redcourt St Anselm’s selects a charitable project which aims to provide people with a small business start up as a Christmas gift.

Veronica Bravo is a little girl who is allergic to cow’s milk and needs specialist milk which her mother can not afford as she is desperately poor having been abandoned by Veronica’s father.  Her mother wants to be able to care and support her daughter herself and has devised a small business plan so that they may become financially self-sufficient.  She would like to open a restaurant.  In order to fund the business from scratch, buy equipment and cover rental expenses until she begins to make a profit she requires a £770 start up fund.

Redcourt has decided to donate the money required by Veronica and her mother so that they may have a new start in their life from the Good Shepherd Appeal.

The words of Pope Francis, 17th October 2016 came to mind “The poverty that degrades, offends and kills so many of the poor” was a call to action for us all.

Thank you for your support, kindness and generosity this year because without you Redcourt would not have been able to make someone’s Christmas wish come true.