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... to the website of Redcourt - St Anselm's, a Christian Brothers Independent day school for girls and boys aged 3 - 11.

Redcourt is run in an open and friendly manner and all policies are available via the website or upon request.
+ + + BREAKING NEWS + + +
Wednesday 22nd October - After school Samba Band has been cancelled. Children will be ready for collection at normal times.
+ + + BREAKING NEWS + + +
Thursday 23rd October - After School Chess Club has been cancelled.

Redcourt - St Anselm's is an inclusive school welcoming all children of all abilities. There is no formal entrance examination. Prospective pupils are invited into Redcourt for a day's visit. During the day, Staff will assess the level at which the visiting child is currently working.

Our aim is to provide each and every child with a sound academic education in an environment which is explicitly Christian and where discipline and care go hand in hand. We endeavour to be aware of each child as an individual and we seek to encourage the development of the whole person.